Financial literacy programme for B40 families at PPR Hicom, Shah Alam

24 October 2021 | Kuala Lumpur

On 24 October 2021, in conjunction with financial literacy month, FWD Takaful collaborated with NGOHub to host a financial literacy programme with adults from B40 families titled ‘Keluargaku Inspirasiku’.

NGOHub is an online and offline platform dedicated to enabling, empowering and serving NGOs. They champion effectiveness, transparency, and sustainability, and they connect NGOs to information resources, experts, volunteers, and grants. Above all, they connect NGOs to each other to inspire collaboration to solve society's problems together.


This financial literacy programme was targeted at parents from B40 backgrounds with the aim of educating them on the importance of financial management and takaful protection. There were about 14 participants in total and the programme was run virtually on Sunday, 24 October from 9am to 11am.

FWD Takaful developed the programme materials and required a volunteer specifically from a parents’ perspective to share the importance of risk management with healthy financial habits and takaful.


Once again, the event was attended by FWD Takaful employees who passionately volunteered as facilitators, helping the participants understand the importance of takaful protection through a simulation called ‘Liku Liku Kehidupan’. They also shared their real-life experiences and helped to address all questions related to takaful.

In addition, FWD Takaful is extending their partnership with NGOHub to devise and run a programme titled ‘Pusat Komuniti Kita’. This project aims to provide protection and education to the underserved market, especially the B40 families. There will be a physical space for the community, and it will serve as a common space for FWD Takaful’s monthly activities. The overall purpose of this project is to provide a space for like-minded members of the community to have a support group and build towards a better financial future together.


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