INCEIF - Online course: Cyber security awareness in partnership with INCEIF

03 November 2021 | Kuala Lumpur

Cyber Security Course

WD Takaful launched an online course on cyber security awareness on 3 November 2021 during INCEIF's Islamic Finance Innofest 2021. This course is available on INCEIFMICRA e-learning and aims to educate society about the dangers of cybercrime. It is delivered using interactive animations and activities to ensure continuous engagement among participants throughout the course.

This cyber security course was conducted by Mr. Mada Rambu Perdhana who is the CTO of Pointsnet. He has more than 10 years of ICT experience with the focus on IT security and software development in banking, e-commerce and government sectors. He has written several books on cyber security such as Harmless Hacking: Malware Analysis and Vulnerability Development, Web Forensics: Incident Response and Computer Forensics for Web App, and GNU/Linux Stagos FSE (Forensic Suite Edition).


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