‘Program Kejar Impian’ 2021: Empowering youths to pursue their dreams!

03 October 2021 | Kuala Lumpur

‘Program Kejar Impian’ 2021: Empowering youths to pursue their dreams!

‘Program Kejar Impian’ is a coaching programme for 14–18-year-old Malaysians designed to help them pursue and learn more about their dream careers. The programme delivered a series of different workshop learning sessions, followed by the submission of a creative presentation by all the participants involved. The best 10 presentations were then selected to further participate in a live finale, giving students the opportunity to showcase their dreams to a wider audience.

The purpose of the ‘Program Kejar Impian’ is to encourage children to follow their dreams by teaching them how to make their own actionable future plans and to give them confidence in themselves. At FWD Takaful and Arus Academy, we believe that every student is capable of achieving their ambitions if they’re exposed to an inspiring career, assisted with the necessary skills and if they can learn the right dream planning methods.

Each student is given the opportunity to explore their potential based on their own interests, 21st century skills, and financial literacy skills to make the dream a reality. To introduce 21st century careers to the students, this programme held 5 different types of career workshops, namely Content Creator, Visual Artists, TV Hosts & Broadcast Journalist, Gamer / Streamer, and Entrepreneurs. These workshops were all hosted by working professionals from their respective fields, to give the students both inspiration and real insight into these industries of interest.

The programme also built strong foundations for students through the 3 core online workshop series, which included sessions to teach Career Exploration & Skills, Dream Planning, and Creative Presentation. These sessions taught skills and coached students into having an open and receptive mindset to the career workshops that followed.

The ‘Program Kejar Impian’ was held on 2 October 2021, where the 10 selected participants shared their creative presentations live online in front of the panel of judges and a YouTube audience. A total cash prize of RM1,600 was awarded to the best presentations of the day.

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