Loss of life claims

How to file a claim

The things you need to know before you make a claim
Check your claim is eligible 

It’s always a good idea to check that the takaful certificate covers your claim. The quickest and easiest way to do this is via myPortal. If you’re unsure, please feel free to get in touch and we can help you out. Our number is 1300 13 7988

Send us your claim within 60 days
Please submit your claim within 60 days from the date of loss. This is part of the time frame we are legally obliged to follow.

Here’s a list of what we need

Certified true copy

Please see notes below. If you need any help understanding these terms, they are also set out below.

  • Death certificate
  • The identity cards or birth certificate or passport (including the blank pages in order to get the sequential order – hidden information within the blank pages are not allowed) of the following:
    • The takaful participant(s)
    • The covered person(s)
    • The nominee(s)
    • The claimant (if s/he is neither the participant, covered person or nominee)
  • Proof of relationship between claimant and covered person (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, child(ren) of claimant, parent of deceased, sibling of deceased and claimant).
  • The claimant’s online banking documents such as a bank statement or the claimant first page of their bank passbook (only bank accounts with a 12 digit NRIC number). Note that we’ll make any payments via this account if the claim is approved.
  • Any burial certificate.


  • Any police report and/or newspaper cuttings if it was an accidental death.
  • Any post mortem report if it was an accidental death

Helping you understand how takaful works

  • The claimant is the person or people making a claim.
  • The participant is the policy certificate holder, the person who took out and paid for the takaful certificate.
  • The covered person is someone covered by the certificate – in other words, if something happened to them, a claim could be made.
  • The nominee or beneficiary is the person (or people) who have been named as someone to receive a claims payment.


  • If there’s more than one claimant, all claimants must sign the claimant statement.

    Documents can be certified (validated) as a true copy by any of the following:
    • An FWD Takaful agent
    • A member of staff from our FWD Takaful office
    • An authorised member of staff from either a government office, any bank, a hospital, or the police
    • A legal professional

    If you bought your takaful plan through HSBC Amanah bank, you can also get your documents certified by an authorised HSBC Amanah bank officer.

    If you’re unable to get your documents certified by any of the above, please explain why, in writing, and submit this note with your claim.

  • If the loss of life happened in a foreign country, all claim documents must be translated into English and authenticated at any of the following:
    • the Malaysian embassy in that country
    • Any hospital in the foreign country
    • Any foreign embassy in Malaysia.
    • Please enquire at the foreign embassy regarding translation. Please note that we cannot reimburse any translation costs.

To be completed by the claimant. If there’s more than one claimant, all must sign the document.

To be completed by the claimant. If there’s more than one claimant, all must sign the document.

To be completed by the last attending doctor.

To be completed by the claimant or next of kin.
Note: This allows us to collect any medical records related to your claim.

Send in the completed claim form and all supporting documents. You can submit a claim in the following ways.

By email
By email
By mail
By mail
In person
In person
Via fax
Via fax

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