Medical reimbursement claims

How to file a claim

The things you need to know before you make a claim

Check your claim is eligible

It’s always a good idea to first check that your certificate covers your claim. The quickest and easiest way to do this is via our myPortal. Or you can feel free to give us a call on 1300 13 7988.

Send us your claim within 90 days

Please submit your claim within 90 days from the date of the consultation or treatment received.

Make it even faster and claim online
Make it even faster and claim online
Here’s a list of what we need


If you are submitting through email or myPortal, please scan and submit the original document. You are advised to keep the original copy. We may ask for them for verification.

  • Hospital bill/invoice including the itemised invoices with detailed breakdown of charges, date of admission and date of discharge.
Certified true copy
  • Discharge summary/discharge note with doctor’s name and rubber stamp print, date of admission and date of discharge.
  • All investigation reports (laboratory test, radiology, procedure, etc).
  • Payment advice from other third parties insurer/takaful operator for co-takaful claim.
  • Identity card of certificate owner and covered person.
  • Claimant’s online banking document/bank statement/first page of bank passbook of certificate owner (only bank account registered with 12 digits NRIC No.). We will pay via this account if your claim is approved.
  • Student confirmation letter from the college/university including the studies tenure with date commenced and date of completion, if the covered person is 19 to 22 years old.
  • Police report and a valid driving license of the covered person if the claim is caused by a motor vehicle accident.
  • Covered person’s passport from page 1 till last page including blank pages (for claims incurred outside Malaysia).



  • Documents can be certified (validated) as a true copy by any of the following:
    • An FWD Takaful agent
    • A member of staff from our FWD Takaful office
    • An authorised member of staff from either a government office, any bank, a hospital, or the police
    • A legal professional

    If you bought your takaful plan through HSBC Amanah bank, you can also get your documents certified by an authorised HSBC Amanah bank officer.
    If you’re unable to get your documents certified by any of the above, please explain why, in writing, and submit this note with your claim.

  • In addition, for claims incurred outside Malaysia, the confirmation of claim event and all other related documents issued by the Foreign Authority must be certified by Malaysian Embassy or Public Notary at the incident country. If you have returned to Malaysia, the documents can be certified by relevant country's Embassy in Malaysia.

Please complete a claim form, consent form and obtain a physician’s report.

To be completed by the last attending doctor
To be completed by the participant. If there is more than one participant, all must sign the document.

To be completed by the participant. If there is more than one participant, all must sign the document.
Note: This allows us to collect any medical records related to your claim, in accordance with your consumer rights and our contractual agreement.

Send in the completed claim form and all supporting documents. You can submit a claim in the following ways.

By email
By email
By mail
By mail
In person
In person
Via fax
Via fax

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