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FWD FlexiCover Group Plan
Start early with protection, from only RM2.75/month

Simplifying the FWD FlexiCover Group Plan

It is always smart to start your financial planning early and the same goes with protection. Enjoy low cost benefits by joining our group protection plan, without having to sacrifice on your lifestyle.

A group protection plan is more than a death benefit. It can help fulfill your promises to yourself and the people who rely on you financially and emotionally. Whether you're a thrill seeker or an everyday adventurer, stay protected for when life throws you an unexpected curve ball.

We provide two FWD FlexiCover Group Plan plans and you can choose one or both plans according to your needs:
Plan 1

Total & Permanent Disability and Death Benefit
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3 options:

Plan 2

Critical Illness and Death Benefit
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3 options:


Why participate in FWD FlexiCover Group Plan?

Just like any FWD online product, FWD FlexiCover Group Plan is simple and easy to understand, priced affordably and is reliably there when you need it. Get a quote and try out our easy 5 steps enrolment process to enjoy these benefits.

Customisable and affordable
Choose your preferred coverage and amount that you need. Get a plan for as low as RM2.75/month.
Only 4 exclusions
Whether you're thrill seeker or an everyday adventurer, we've got you covered.
No medical examination
Just answer a simple health assessment.
Uninterrupted coverage
Hassle-free auto-renewals. Get it now while you're still eligible and healthy.

Frequently asked FWD FlexiCover Group Plan questions

  1. What is the eligible age to be covered under this plan?

  2. Can I participate in Plan 1 and Plan 2 at the same time?

  3. Can I apply for 2 certificates under Plan 1 or Plan 2?


Product Disclosure Sheet
Plan 1: TPD + Death
Plan 2: CI + Death