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We wish to inform you that we are changing the benchmarks for three of our investment-linked funds after much review. Benchmarks act as a standard reference for fund performance comparison and it has no impact on the investment objective, strategy, investment approach and performance of your funds.

Please find below the changes of benchmarks for the relevant funds which will take effect on 1st May 2019:

  1. FWD Takaful LifeSelect Fixed Income Fund
    Current Benchmark: Maybank 12-Month GIA Tier II Rate
    New Benchmark: Maybank 12-Month GIA Rate

  2. FWD Takaful Dynamic Fund
    Current Benchmark: 50% FBMS + 50% Maybank 12-Month GIA Tier II Rate
    New Benchmark: 50% FBMS + 50% Maybank 12-Month Islamic Fixed Deposit-i
    (FBMS: Financial Times Stock Exchange Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index)

  3. FWD Takaful Asia Pacific Islamic Equity Fund
    Current Benchmark: Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia/Pacific ex-Japan Index
    New Benchmark: MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Islamic Index

The purpose of the changes is to align with the target funds’ benchmarks which have been changed to better reflect the performance of the investment assets. Nonetheless, the current and the new benchmarks fall under similar asset class with similar historical performance returns and trends.

The information of the change of funds’ benchmarks can be found in the Fund Fact Sheets and the Annual Investment-Linked Funds Performance Report for the period where the benchmarks were changed.

Information of the new benchmarks, Maybank 12-Month GIA Rate and Maybank 12-Month Islamic Fixed Deposit-i are available on Maybank website – while the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Islamic Index is available on MSCI website –

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