As you work hard to give your family the best life, it's also time to think about their future

To ensure that if and when you pass on, they are left not with worries, but a legacy filled with possibilities and a bright future.

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Your benefits at a glance

Flexibility to increase your sum covered

How this plan works

3 reasons to participate

Badal Hajj

To fulfil your religious duty even if you are personally unable to

Legal support

We pay a maximum of RM 2,000 in fees for up to 3 legal consultations

Grief counselling

We pay up to RM 2,000 in charges for maximum 10 counselling sessions.


  1. We provide higher protection for Death/Total and Permanent Disability benefit.
  2. Receive up to 500% of sum covered under the Death/Total and Permanent Disability benefit due to accidental causes.
  3. We do not have hidden clauses or lien on child coverage that prevents us from giving you what is due.
  4. You can increase your sum cover through an auto option by 30% and further 20% based on specified life events any time.
  5. You have the flexibility to enhance your coverage with optional riders.
  1. You can reach out to our agents who will be happy to provide you with Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS), Benefit Illustration and the Certificate for this plan for your better understanding. FWD Takaful Berhad, Registration No. 200601011780 (731530-M) is a registered takaful operator under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

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