We operate in a workplace that nurtures fearless innovation and big ideas. We have a challenger-brand mindset.

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At FWD we focus on what a person can bring as much as the experience they have. Yes, experience is important – and sometimes necessary. But our teams come from a diverse pool of experience across multiple industries. We want to hear from:

Innovators: people who can see our industry through a different lens

Champions: people who are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do

Problem solvers: people who see challenges rather than road blocks

Brain wavers: put simply, we just love ideas

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At FWD we’re passionate about the customer experience – and we’re always looking for agents who feel the same way. In fact our agents are an integral part of what we do. So if you like what you’ve read so far and want to be part of it all, get in touch. Send us your resume at agencydistribution.my@fwd.com. Who knows where this could lead. 

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