News release

News release

FWD Takaful reframes mental health with the FWD Mind Strength Support Programme for Malaysians

17 May 2023 | Kuala Lumpur
A complimentary digital health solution to provide easily accessible and private support to proactively strengthen their minds, removing barriers to mental health. We collaborated with Dato’ M. Nasir, Amyra Rosli, Hun Haqeem and many more to lead the change and motivate Malaysians to strengthen their minds.

Kuala Lumpur, 17 May 2023 - FWD Takaful Berhad (“FWD Takaful”) is breaking new ground in the mental health space with the launch of the FWD Mind Strength Support Programme - a first-in-the-market digital health solution designed to enable Malaysians to proactively, privately and positively strengthen their minds.

This launch follows the release of FWD Group’s International Mental Health Survey in 2022, which interviewed over 10,000 people in 16 international markets. This survey revealed a number of important insights, including:

  • 54% of respondents in Malaysia believe mental health will become a more critical concern for societies.
  • 62% of respondents in Malaysia have experienced themselves or know someone who has faced mental health challenges.
  • 38% of respondents in Malaysia are open to seeking external support for mental health challenges: the rest prefer self-help.
  • 43% of respondents in Malaysia say that the cost of treatment is a barrier to seeking external support.

Accessible on FWD Takaful website, the FWD Mind Strength Support Programme offers Malaysians the opportunity to assess their mind strength in just a few minutes via the Mind Strength Assessment, a simple and scientifically-validated assessment tool developed by Koa Health. It also provides limited complimentary confidential Mind Guidance Sessions with an expert of their choice, in their preferred language, anywhere and anytime via the Doctor Anywhere application. The website also houses the FWD Mind Master Class, a web series hosted by Psychiatrist Dr. Hazli Zakaria, where he guides his celebrity guests, Amyra Rosli, Ikmal Amry, Nana Sheme, and Nelissa Emielda, through activities designed to help them build a stronger mind.

Salim Majid Zain, FWD Takaful’s Chief Executive Officer, said, "While mental health is gaining more and more awareness, especially in Asia, the stigma and cost of treatment remain barriers for people to seek the help they need. At FWD Takaful, we knew we had to do things differently to get Malaysians to be more proactive about their mental health. Firstly, we reframed mental health as mind strength, to give it a positive association. Then, we collaborated with reputable digital service providers in the mental health space to introduce this complimentary support programme for people to access the support they need. Finally, we collaborated with top Malaysian personalities who could lead the change to bring this message to the public and motivate Malaysians to strengthen their minds."

Joanna Chu, Group Head of Proposition and Protection of FWD Group, added, “Malaysia now joins Hong Kong and Thailand as our third market to introduce an offering around mind strength. This is an important initiative for FWD Group, and one which we are confident will benefit not just our customers, but all Malaysians. This year also marks FWD’s 10th anniversary, so we’re incredibly happy to celebrate it by providing people the means to strengthen their minds proactively, privately, and positively.”   

FWD Takaful plans to periodically enhance the FWD Mind Strength Support Programme with new innovative services and tools, as well as incorporate mind strengthening support into future takaful products, as protection for the mind should go with protection for our overall health.

FWD Takaful urges all Malaysians to take advantage of this innovative complimentary solution to prioritise their mental health.  To learn more about the FWD Mind Strength Support Programme, visit Alternatively, call 1300 13 7988 or email for more information about the programme

Collaborated with Amyra Rosli, Hun Haqeem and many more to lead the change and motivate Malaysians to strengthen their minds.



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