News release

News release

FWD Takaful launches ‘Komuniti Kita’ – a fun and interactive mobile game that teaches takaful and financial management

15 October 2021 | Kuala Lumpur
One-of-a-kind game to experience the spirit of takaful

FWD Takaful Berhad (“FWD Takaful”) has announced the launch of Komuniti Kita – a fun and accessible mobile game designed for players to learn about takaful and financial management.

The main theme of ‘Komuniti Kita’ emphasises on the values of mutual assistance and community care which allows players to experience the spirit of takaful. The game has been designed to engage players across all ages and backgrounds.

Wan Ahmad Najib Wan Ahmad Lotfi, FWD Takaful’s Chief Strategy and Digital Distribution Officer, said, “Malaysians are becoming more aware of the importance of takaful protection and financial security, so we felt it part of our commitment, and our vision of changing the way people feel about takaful, to give them better access to financial education. ‘Komuniti Kita is a simple and innovative experience that allows our communities to educate themselves while emphasising the spirit of takaful and financial management.”

Set against the backdrop of 21st century Malaysia, ‘Komuniti Kita’ follows the storylines of Ali, Aisyah, Mary and Chen who are university graduates with big life aspirations and financial goals. Players will navigate the adventures across the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and captivating sceneries of a traditional ‘kampung’.

The goal for players is to help these characters achieve their financial goals while embodying the spirit of takaful in solving community problems. They’re assisted by ‘F8’, a versatile robot that can transform and upgrade to help the characters complete their missions. Players will ultimately experience how takaful is beneficial to all layers of society– from students to parents and working adults.

Throughout the game, players of ‘Komuniti Kita’ will be able to:

  • Solve community problems and remove obstacles by completing simple tasks
  • Collect coins to achieve each character’s financial goal
  • Learn fun facts about takaful through engaging quizzes
  • Set personal and community high scores on the in-game leader boards

As part of the launch campaign and for a limited time, participants will be able to stand a chance to win and claim amazing prizes from FWD Takaful!

For more information please visit The game is available for download in both English and Bahasa Malaysia on Google Play Store and App Store.


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