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VBIT-related article

Komuniti Kita: A New Financial Literacy Game for Malaysians of All Ages!

15 October 2021 | Kuala Lumpur

Komuniti Kita: A New Financial Literacy Game for Malaysians of All Ages!


On 15 October 2021, FWD Takaful launched its first online mobile game called ‘Komuniti Kita’. The game is designed to be a fun and accessible mobile game for players of all ages to learn about takaful and financial management. The main theme of ‘Komuniti Kita’ emphasises the values of mutual assistance and community care, allowing players to experience the spirit of takaful.

Set against the backdrop of 21st century Malaysia, Komuniti Kita follows the storylines of Ali, Aisyah, Mary and Chen who will navigate adventures across the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and the captivating sceneries of a traditional ‘kampung’. The goal for players is to help these characters achieve their financial goals while embodying the spirit of takaful in solving community problems. Players will ultimately experience how takaful is beneficial to all layers of society– from students to parents and working adults.


We’re proud to announce that ‘Komuniti Kita’ has been featured in many places! Our game was featured by 

 as a fun and engaging experience for children, and an informative game that helps to promote takaful awareness at all ages. Komuniti Kita was also part of the recent Global Money Week activities, which ran from 21-27 March 2022.

The FWD Komuniti Kita game has received many positive feedback reviews on both the Play store and Appstore:

  • I thought it would be an easy game, but it turned out to be very challenging. LOL. It’s quite interesting because it has a lot of information. Overall, this game was so much fun.’
  • ‘I can play the game and learn at the same time. For sure, I need help from Google to answer some of the quizzes, but that's good output for me.’
  •  ‘Easy, chill, picked up takaful knowledge.’

At FWD Takaful, we are very excited to see all the responses to our game from our Malaysian players. We hope to continue to make improvements and tweaks to the game, to optimise the learning and gaming experience for all players no matter where they are on their takaful journey.

‘Komuniti Kita’ is a simple and innovative experience that allows our communities to educate themselves while emphasising the spirit of takaful and financial management. It embodies our vision of changing the way people feel about takaful for the better.


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