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Staying true to the promise of celebrate living, we're reaching out to help the needy so they can celebrate life. We'll do so by donating 10% of your first year's contribution to your preferred body, participate now and let's stand 4 A Cause together!

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When you subscribe to any of FWD Takaful's online plans, we will donate 10% of the first year's contribution to the selected cause. Just key in the specific promo code based on the cause that you would like to support during your sign up.*

MERCY Malaysia

Mercy Malaysia

MERCY Malaysia is an international non-profit organisation focusing on providing medical relief, sustainable health-related development and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities, in both crisis and non-crisis situation. We have been present in more than 32 countries and we have successfully reached out to over one million beneficiaries. To date, we have over 500 members, and over 7,000 registered volunteers in our database. 

Use Code: MERCY10



The Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (“MIASA”) is a peer-led group which strives to develop greater awareness on Mental Health and the issues surrounding it and support peers in their recovery through empowerment and shared experiences.

Use Code: MIASA10



At Arus, we believe in providing equal opportunity for all through quality education. We do this through our student programs, community outreach, teacher training and developing open source content. We work closely with children who come from underserved backgrounds to equip them with 21st century skills like coding and programming for free. We empower teachers through our training programs in the field of STEM, project-based lessons and using technology in the classroom. To date, we have reached over 20,000 teachers.

Use Code: ARUS10

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