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If you like things simple and direct, then you’ve come to the right place. Getting a pure protection plan for you and your family is not only smart but very affordable too. Our family plans ensure that in an unfortunate event, your loved ones remain protected while we cover the costs. Our products are for everyone, even the lower income group and people with disabilities. Get coverage that meets your needs and is there when you need it. Because at FWD Takaful, we believe in changing the way you feel about Takaful!

A Term Takaful with death benefit for you and family members from RM11.17/month

  • Coverage up to RM500,000

  • Protect up to 4 in one plan

  • Pay the same contribution yearly

Customisable protection for your lifestyle from RM33/year

  • Total & permanent disability, critical illness and death coverage of up to RM100,000

  • Flexible coverage : Choose from one or both plans

  • Hassle-free auto-renewals

Hospital income plan with daily cash for you and family members from RM19.92/month

  • Daily cash up to RM350/day and double coverage for ICU

  • Optional accidental medical reimbursement up to RM10,000

  • 20% discount on 2 claim-free years

Pelan Mikrotakaful khas bagi golongan B40 dari hanya RM2.03/bulan

  • Jumlah perlindungan sehingga RM40,000

  • Manfaat percuma sebanyak RM3,000 untuk perbelanjaan pengebumian dan sebanyak RM2,500 untuk badal haji

  • Jumlah perlindungan sebanyak 200% bagi kematian akibat kemalangan

A special plan for children with Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome or ADHD and their parent

  • Coverage up to RM100,000 death benefit for both child and parent

  • Lump sum benefit up to RM10,000 when child turns 18

  • Complimentary RM10,000 funeral benefit for child

Critical illness protection from as low as RM10.27/month

  • Up to RM250,000 upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke

  • RM20,000 death benefit due to all causes

  • Additional benefit to cover early neurological and heart conditions

Cancer protection for you and family members from RM10.83/month

  • Coverage up to RM250,000

  • 100% payout upon diagnosis

  • Pay the same contribution yearly

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