FWD Takaful launches FWD Medical Rider and FWD Medical Executive Rider

A comprehensive and flexible medical coverage with smart benefits

Kuala Lumpur, 1 April 2020 – FWD Takaful Berhad (“FWD Takaful”) today launched two new takaful medical riders, FWD Medical Rider and FWD Medical Executive Rider. FWD Medical Rider offers medical coverage and benefits that are comprehensive and accessible for Malaysians in the event of hospitalisation or undergoing surgery due to sickness or accidental injury. For an extra mile coverage, the extended benefits in an additional contribution are available through FWD Medical Executive Rider.

Salim Majid Zain, FWD Takaful’s Chief Executive Officer said, “In recent years, a greater number of Malaysians have been turning to private healthcare as their preferred healthcare option, even as medical costs continue to go up. Our basic medical rider and extended medical rider will provide financial assistance to customers and their families to cover hospitalisation, surgery, and even Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fees in the event of major illnesses and heavy medical expenses.”

“At FWD Takaful, we want to change the way people feel about Takaful by providing easy access to innovative family Takaful products to all Malaysians. Participants can easily access their eMedical cards via a mobile application for these newly launched riders as we strive to enhance digitally-enabled relationships with our customers. The eMedical cards will serve as a mode of identification and participants will also be able to submit their claims and view their entitlement and balance, among others.”

Customers can participate in FWD Medical Rider and FWD Medical Executive Rider from any of our authorised agents. The riders provide cashless and hassle-free admission into most major hospitals and medical centres with options on hospital rooms and boards. It also provides options to cover the family in one certificate in which the rider can be offered as an individual plan, couple plan or family plan. The family plan covers up to 4 children. Furthermore, participants’ annual limit will increase by 10% if there are no claims within 2 years, capped at a 50% increase of the initial annual limit. A deductible option for a lower contribution is also available, where if you seek medical attention, you just need to pay a minimum amount and FWD Takaful will pay the balance. However, this deductible will be waived should your admission is due to major accidents or major illnesses.

The extended medical rider, FWD Medical Executive Rider offers additional coverage such as an additional overall annual limit due to major health problems, in-hospital psychiatric treatment, hospital companion’s bed, alternative medical practitioner treatment and coverage on maternity complication.

With the widespread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), FWD Takaful’s complimentary special extension of coverage and benefits for COVID-19 is now extended to the two new medical riders too. The standard exclusion which does not include communicable diseases requiring isolation and quarantine shall be waived for admission or treatments related to COVID-19 in hospitals within Malaysia. The waiting period and deductible will also be waived, thus the coverage will take effect immediately if the person covered is unfortunately diagnosed with COVID-19 and requires hospitalisation.

Find out more about FWD Medical Rider and FWD Medical Executive Rider and its benefits at fwd.com.my/en/riders/fwd-medical-rider. As for the complimentary special extension of coverage and benefits for COVID-19’s terms and conditions, please visit fwd.com.my/en/important-notice. Alternatively, call 1300 13 7988 or email contact.my@fwd.com for more information.

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