FWD Takaful supports the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme with a first-year subsidy

FWD Kasih aims to plug the protection gap for lower income segments

Kuala Lumpur, 27 October 2021FWD Takaful Berhad (“FWD Takaful”) is committed to continuously empower the lower-income communities by making takaful accessible, affordable and convenient. Through the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme, an initiative by the government, FWD Takaful will be able to expand social protection for the B40 group.

Under this programme, a RM50 voucher is allocated to eligible Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) recipients to help them participate in Perlindungan Tenang products from licensed insurers and takaful operators. The Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme started on 30 September 2021 and eligible BPR recipients are allowed to redeem the voucher until 30 September 2022. The government will distribute the vouchers in phases.

FWD Kasih is an online micro-Takaful plan offered under the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme, and provides RM20,000 sum coverage for people from the age of 19 until 49 years old. FWD Takaful will also subsidise any remaining first-year contribution so BPR recipients can enjoy FWD Kasih’s first-year coverage with full subsidy.

Salim Majid Zain, FWD Takaful’s Chief Executive Officer, said, The takaful coverage awareness and uptake among the underserved segments is currently disproportionately low in comparison to the country’s population. We’re supporting the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme as it resonates with our vision of changing the way people feel about takaful.

FWD Kasih aims to plug the protection gap for these segments and the plan is easy to understand and offers valuable benefits at an affordable price, along with a simple claim process. In addition, FWD Takaful’s easy-to-use online channel is simple, reliable and direct, allowing customers to manage their takaful certificates at their own convenience.

FWD Kasih’s full sum covered is payable upon death and total and permanent disability (TPD) and additional 100% of the sum covered is payable upon death due to accidental causes. To ease the financial burden for customer’s next of kin, the plan provides an immediate funeral expense benefit of RM3,000. The plan also provides Badal Hajj support for Muslim participants and donation of RM2,500 to a charity organisation for non-Muslim participants, upon death.

To find out more about FWD Kasih and its benefits, please visit fwd.com.my/direct/kasih/ptv or visit myPTV.my to check if you’re eligible for the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher Programme. Alternatively, call 03 2771 7737 or email kasih.my@fwd.com for more information.

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